What is IndiaReads.com's Employee Engagement Program?

About IndiaReads.com

Indiareads.com corporate employee engagement platform aims to provide a platform for employees to access, curate and share information, knowledge and other related content. A tech driven initiative, this platform gets employees hooked up with productive skill development and personal growth.


Technology for reading

Digital Library with 1.8 lac titles
Responsive to every device

Social Connect

Check other employee activities, Like, Comment, recommend, etc.

Content resource hub

Physical books, E-books, digital book summaries Tutorials and lectures, PDF, Info-graphs and much more.

Competency Building

Competency assigned based on Job Profile
Book recommendation under competency
Gamification process

Interactive activities

Biweekly recommendation mails, Employee blog writing, Author connect, etc.

Learning and development integration

Capacity building through structured courses on specific profiles, subjects and streams

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