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    Book Summary

    We are not taught the secrets of success when we are in school. It is not the IQ, business school degree or even the years of experience that matter here. Emotional Intelligence is said to be the most important factor in job performance and the key to advancement for success. Almost 90 percent of what sets us apart from others is emotional intelligence, and all it takes to acquire this are a set of skills that are explained in this guide by Daniel Goleman. Emotional Intelligence is essential for anyone who wants to climb up and stay on top. With this book, readers will know how emotional competence can be learned. The author has also provided readers with guidelines for the purpose of training in the “emotionally intelligent organization”. The book will proves useful to anyone who looks forward to success in an organization or in their business. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9789382563815
    Publisher Bloomsbury
    Imprint Bloomsbury
    Number of Pages 400
    Publication Date 01012012
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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