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    Book Summary

    Size notwithstanding, Chopra explicates a rather profound understanding of success that does hold its origins in back breaking work, ambition or stress. Instead, his theory unreservedly urges readers into following the very laws of nature more observantly to reap successes and rewards alike.

    Deepak Chopra writes this very relevant self-help book that is primed to explain to readers the ways to attain success. He focuses on showing them an alternate path that is more considerate to the human spirit engaging the philosophies in Hinduism and spiritualism. According to Chopra, the deepest desires can be fulfilled by following the laws of nature and the excavation of this premise is the book’s triumph. According to Chopra, a seed naturally unfolds into a tree through nature’s bidding and doesn’t struggle in its efforts. The same corollary should therefore hold for man and he seeks out exercises and techniques that are to lend some form of spiritual connection with the inner self so as to increase productivity and reach the full potential locked within his readers. The seven principles are all discussed in this book and they all follow in the tenets of seven laws. The seven laws begin with the Law of Pure Potentiality where he seeks out silence for his readers. Then he expounds the Law of Giving, wherein he asks the readers to exchange gifts, after which he describes the Law of Karma. Both these chapters concentrate on the people surrounding us and seek out positive remuneration. He then explains the Law of Least Effort where acceptance is the mainstay of his argument. After discussing the Law of Intention and Desire where readers are encouraged to tailor their desires into a list, he moves on to the Law of Detachment. Here, he eloquently lays out the premise of uncertainty in the path to success and freedom. He ends his seven spiritual lessons with the Law of Dharma where he tells us to discover our talents, and make best use of those talents to serve others. Drawing from the concepts engaged in Hinduism and other spiritual doctrines, Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success: A Pocket Guide To Fulfilling Your Dreams found a wide readership upon publication in 1994. It has sold more than 3 million copies and has been a New York Times bestseller. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9788189988043
    Publisher Hay House
    Imprint Hay House
    Number of Pages
    Publication Date 01122008
    Language English
    Binding Hard Cover

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