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    Book Summary

    That's The Way We Met ... Kya Life Hogi Set? explores the love story of Aditya and Riya, as they try to keep their love from joining the ranks of countless love stories that become victims to circumstantial pressure.

    Aditya and Riya continue their love story from where the prequel, Few Things Left Unsaid, ended. Love is never without its share of trials and thorns, as Aditya and Riya soon discover. They go through the pain of a break up, only to realise how deeply in love they were with each other. The bond between them deepens and their love blossoms into an eternal bliss. They are virtually inseparable and begin spending more time together. Aditya�s best friend, Mohit, is meanwhile falling for Riya�s friend, Sonam. Together, both the couples make a lovely picture. The book details how all of them set out for an unforgettable trip to Delhi and Manali. Riya�s father�s sudden death marks a new twist in the plot, with his demise exposing the fragile financial situation of Riya�s family. That's The Way We Met ... Kya Life Hogi Set? is a romantic tragedy that most Indian couples can easily relate to. On one side you have the love of your life, without whom you can barely breathe, and on the other side you have your family and their happiness. What does Riya choose? Her love or her family�s happiness? Will their love endure the test of time, or will it simply vapourize like the dreams of countless other lovers? That's The Way We Met ... Kya Life Hogi Set? was a bestseller and made the author one of the best selling Indian romance authors. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9788184001785
    Publisher Random House, India
    Imprint Random House, India
    Number of Pages 248
    Publication Date 01012012
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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