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The Men Who Rule India

-By Philip Mason
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    Book Summary

    The Men Who Ruled India depicts an India as seen from the eyes of the British. It is written in two volumes, The Founders in 1953 and The Guardians in 1954. The first volume takes the reader till the Great Indian Mutiny and volume two is the journey till Independence. It gives an overview of all the important events that occurred during the British Raj in India, laying stress on their analysis of how those on the ruling side dealt with them. It gives an insight into the lives of these men, who made choices and decisions sometimes with the best interest in mind and sometimes not. It chronicles the bravery as well as the simplicity of these men, who built bridges, laid railways, brought together a number of fiefdoms, and administered a strong judicial system. Having served in various parts of British ruled India as a colonial officer in the Indian Civil Services, Philip Mason was a prolific writer and an intellectual. He enjoyed a peaceful stay as Deputy Commissioner of Garhwal in 1937, and also saw India through its most politically tortuous state while serving in Hyderabad during 1947. After heading back to London, he was the founder and director of Institute of Race Relations, which today functions as an anti-racist think tank. He retired in 1958 and wrote again. Few of his famous works include A Matter of Honour, a well received history of the Indian Army, Kipling: the Glass, the Shadow and the Fire, Skinner of Skinner's Horse, The English Gentleman, Call the Next Witness, and his autobiography, A Shaft of Sunlight. read less...

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    ISBN-13 9788171673612
    Publisher HarperCollins India
    Imprint HarperCollins India
    Number of Pages 368
    Publication Date 30031998
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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