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    Book Summary

    This book is aimed at provoking penetrating inquiry into a wide range of issues. The contours of Human Rights, Gender and Environment issues in India are a difficult terrain and reflect complexities and contradictions of our socio-economic political system. The subject literature has been objectively and passionately laid out by the contributors in their specific segment. A careful and conscious effort has been made and a collective decision arrived at to avoid rhetoric and adding hues to the issues involved. A persuasive argument generating sensitivity to the issues has been the authors¬Ě approach. The inputs are intended to enable the curious and probing mind to evolve a critical thinking and rational approach in a society in which she lives, interacts and ultimately becomes an indivisible element of the organic whole. This book is divided into three broad sections-Human Rights, Gender and Environment. While these broad areas have been treated separately and comprehensively in their respective sections, one can discern a common thread running through all these sections showing their interrelations. In the age of globalization and liberalization the human rights discourse has evolved drastically encompassing many new dimensions within its ambit. This book is a humble attempt at addressing these issues. read less...

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    ISBN-13 9788130904092
    Publisher Viva Books
    Imprint Viva Books
    Number of Pages 508
    Publication Date
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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