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Discover the Diamond in You

-By Arindam Choudhuri
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    Book Summary

    Through Discover the Diamond in You, Professor Arindam Choudhuri shares his thoughts on an influential ideology and gives out secrets to overcome failure and achieve success.

    Arindam Choudhuri begins the book by telling the readers that every person is a diamond, just waiting to be revealed. This book serves as a commoner's guide to increase productivity in all areas of life, including work. Comparisons between a person and a diamond are made often in the book as Professor Choudhuri talks about the nine Ps of success, ranging from passion to patriotism. The elucidation of each of the nine Ps is given in a manner that is easy to relate to and implement in daily life. Arindam Choudhuri, in the book, provides instances from the lives of India’s most popular celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Shahrukh Khan to deliver a lifetime of wisdom to his readers. The narrative of the book is clear, and Arindam Choudhuri asks his readers for only 59 minutes of their valuable time to read the entire book. In the end of Discover the Diamond in You, Professor Choudhuri advises his readers to develop the nine Ps he has written about to prevail over failures and attain success. As a whole, the book is a pleasure to read and although it is based mainly on management, it attempts to stress on the importance of having an optimistic attitude in life. Discover the Diamond in You is recommended for anybody who wants to move towards the path of success. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9788125937005
    Publisher Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd
    Imprint Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd
    Number of Pages
    Publication Date 01122009
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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