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Malabar Muslim Cookery

-By Ummi Abdulla
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    Book Summary

    Malabar Muslim Cookery has a collection of over a hundred recipes from the state of Kerala. The author has included many traditional dishes, along with easy-to-follow instructions to help the readers recreate each delicacy.

    Malabar Muslim Cookery breaks the myth that Keralite cuisine consists of only rice, fish curry, and coconut. This book has been designed to help the readers learn about different types of food that originate from the Malabar region of this South Indian state. The book contains an introduction, which comprehensively covers different types of information about this cuisine. In Malabar Muslim Cookery, the author begins with rice recipes. This is followed by instructions on how to make steamed rice cakes, idlis, pooris, and soups. She also teaches how to make rice chapatis which are white, fluffy and paper-thin. Abdulla shares recipes of meat, fish, eggs, chicken, and vegetables. She shows how to make stuffed and roasted chicken. Furthermore, readers will also have the opportunity to learn how to make Mutta-mala, which is a Keralite delicacy. This dish is made by mainly using egg yolk, and has absolutely no fat. Those interested in learning how to make biryanis, will find that Malabar Muslim Cookery contains the recipe of Malabar biryani, an item bursting with delicate flavours. This cookbook also contains an interesting section on how to make chutneys and pickles. Readers who wish to learn how to make Malabari snacks, will not be disappointed. Furthermore, Malabar Muslim Cookery also includes recipes of puddings and sweets. This cookbook has more than a hundred recipes, all of which come with step-by-step instructions. The ingredients are precise in quantity, thus making it easy for readers to replicate each dish even in their western kitchens. Those who want to expand their cooking skills, will find Malabar Muslim Cookery to be a very helpful guide. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9788125013495
    Publisher Orient Longman
    Imprint Orient Longman
    Number of Pages 128
    Publication Date 26062004
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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