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    Book Summary

    A guide to Austria. It features maps, as well as background information - from the best ski and snow-boarding slopes to the music of Mozart. It also includes accommodation and restaurant listings.

    Discover a land of breath-taking beauty and inspiring culture with "The Rough Guide to Austria", the most comprehensive guide to Austria available. The full-colour introduction with stunning photography will whet your appetite for the country's many highlights, from the world-class city of Vienna and the astonishing architecture of Salzburg to the snow-capped mountains of Tyrol. This guide features dozens of easy-to-use maps, as well as expert background information on everything from the best ski and snow-boarding slopes to the music of Mozart. Extensive accommodation and restaurant listings, plus all the practical grittiness you'd expect from a "Rough Guide" make this your must-have item for the trip of a lifetime. Make the most your time with "The Rough Guide to Austria". read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9781858280592
    Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
    Imprint Rough Guides Ltd
    Number of Pages 592
    Publication Date 03112008
    Binding Paperback

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