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    Book Summary

    Dilbert and his colleagues face the absurdities of corporate life, including the real reason so many meetings are called, cancelled projects, shrinking cubicles, and general incompetence.

    Who is the maniacal mastermind behind the plot to enforce dress codes? That would be Catbert the evil HR director, one ofm Dilbert's corporate nemeses. "It's Simple, " decress Catbert. "Fridays are 'casual', but you can't wear jeans because jeans looks good and feel good and you already own several pairs." Dilbert knows the conflicting feelings of comfort and embarrasement that result from arriving on a Friday dressed in an outfit matching a co-worker's. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780836228991
    Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
    Imprint Andrews McMeel Publishing
    Number of Pages 128
    Publication Date
    Binding Paperback

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