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    Book Summary

    In this accessible guide, decorating expert Mary Carol Garrity offers tips and ideas for recreating her classic, relaxed style.

    Mary Carrol Garrity's stylish, imaginative and versatile mix of fabrics, furniture and accessories make customers flock to her stores in Atchison, Kansas. She is a known and acknowledged design voice with a welcoming and achievable approach to home decor. Readers will respond to Mary Carol's friendly voice and her practical decorating ideas. She has a classic, comfortable style - far removed from the pages of highbrow magazines and expensive designers - that complements the way most people like to live. In this book she brings her wealth of experience to the task of bringing a home to life by addressing such questions as how to find or create a beautiful centrepiece, update a room without spending a fortune, how to bring character to a small bathroom, display a collection and ways to dress a bed. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780821229033
    Publisher Little, Brown & Company
    Imprint Little, Brown & Company
    Number of Pages 128
    Publication Date 20012005
    Binding Hardback

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