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101 Ways to Kill Your Boss

-By Graham Roumieu
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    Book Summary

    In the tradition of THE BUNNY SUICIDES and A HUNDRED AND ONE USES OF A DEAD CAT, 101 WAYS TO KILL YOUR BOSS is a hilarious look at a universal human urge

    A gleeful exploration of those darker moments we'd all much rather NOT have, but all do, this is sure to be the humour bestseller of 2008. We've all had them: from the idle and the incompetent, to the demanding and borderline psychopathic, to the weird and creepy, to the plain idiotic; anyone who has ever worked will have had a moment when all they want to do is grab their boss by the neck and...101 WAYS TO KILL YOUR BOSS is a chance to let go of those moments of rage and frustration and laugh. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780755342365
    Publisher Headline Publishing Group
    Imprint Headline Book Publishing
    Number of Pages 112
    Publication Date 18092008
    Binding Paperback

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