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    Book Summary

    With the advent of the new millennium, people may be seeking a more meaningful and holistic understanding of life. This book sets out to describe and explain the nature and purpose of spirits - the alleged world of angels, nature spirits and spirit guides that lies behind everyday reality.

    In his new book, bestselling author and teacher Dr William Bloom presents a compelling description of the angel, fairy and spirit realm. He reveals a world that lies behind everyday reality and shows you how to co-operate with these invisible beings of energy who are a fundamental part of every aspect of our lives. Learn: How to sense angels and spirits and communicate with them; How to co-operate with this inner world for inspiration and guidance; How to work with angels for healing and spiritual growth; How they can help you fulfil yourself and help others; How they can bring you're a deeper understanding of all life. read less...

    Specification of Name of the book

    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780749919047
    Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
    Imprint Piatkus Books
    Number of Pages 176
    Publication Date 07111998
    Binding Paperback

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