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When the Wind Blows

-By James Patterson
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    Book Summary

    Never has it been truer -- these pages fly

    Frannie O'Neill, a young and talented veterinarian whose husband was recently murdered, comes across an amazing discovery in the woods near her animal hospital. Soon after, Kit Harrison, a troubled and unconventional FBI agent, arrives on Frannie's doorstep. And then there is eleven-year-old Max -- Frannie's amazing discovery -- and one of the most unforgettable creations in thriller fiction. WHEN THE WIND BLOWS will not just thrill readers -- it will make their imaginations and hearts soar. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780747257899
    Publisher Headline Publishing Group
    Imprint Headline Book Publishing
    Number of Pages 496
    Publication Date 08071999
    Binding Paperback

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