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    Book Summary

    This 17th Dilbert collection offers yet another glimpse into the zany office life of Dilbert and crew. "After ten years of syndication, "Dilbert" is universally recognized as the definitive source of office humor".--"Collectors' Showcase".

    Cubicle-dwelling business people the world over have been knowingly nodding, faithfully push-pinning their favorite strips to their cube walls, and--most of all--belly laughing out loud ever since "Dilbert" first arrived on the scene. In this collection, "Excuse Me While I Wag," Dilbert and his look-alike dog, Dogbert, once again provide comic relief to anyone who has ever had to inhabit a cubicle, endure an "initiative of the week," or simply work in an office that has, on occasion, caused them to pull out large clumps of their hair. Scott Adams' dead-on humor in "Excuse Me While I Wag" is sure to satisfy the hordes of fans worldwide who avidly follow the misadventures of Dilbert, Dogbert, Catbert, Ratbert, the pointy-haired boss, and the rest of the cast of characters in Dilbert's world--a world that's eerily like the one we work in daily. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780740713903
    Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
    Imprint Andrews McMeel Publishing
    Number of Pages 128
    Publication Date
    Binding Paperback / softback

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