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    Book Summary

    Angels are all around us, ready to offer us comfort and reassurance whenever we need them. This collection of true stories reveal how angels can communicate with us in many different ways - from incredible coincidences and modern-day miracles, through dreams and everyday symbols, to magical encounters and life-changing visitations.

    Extraordinary angelic coincidences and delightful minor miracles have long been a subject of fascination, especially since Carl Jung explored their value and expression in today's world.In this fascinating book by the author of An Angel At My Shoulder, Glennyce Eckersley shows how very often coincidences of a spiritual nature occur in the lives of ordinary people, but often go untold or unremarked. In Angels and Miracles, she offers many such stories from around the globe, including those which arose directly from her previous books about angels, as well as amazing tales of inexplicable events: all highly meaningful to our lives today. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780712612036
    Publisher Ebury Press
    Imprint Rider & Co
    Number of Pages 176
    Publication Date 02082001
    Binding Paperback

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