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    Book Summary

    The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking helps readers gain good communication skills and become better speakers.

    The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking is aimed at helping people to improve their communication skills. By helping people to communicate in a more effective manner, the book will help readers to put across their thoughts confidently. The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking is divided into five parts. The first part of the book is called fundamentals of effective speaking, which helps the readers gain the necessary skills and increases their level of confidence to ensure crisp and effective communication skills. Some of the techniques used to inculcate these skills are learning from others’ experience, focussing on goals, and confidence in dealing with a subject by being aware of it. These techniques help overcoming the barriers present on the path towards achieving better communication skills. Speech forms the second part of the book, and deals with aspects like being focussed on a subject so that they are able to retain the interest of the listeners. Furthermore, the book contains anecdotes and stories that will ensure that the readers are in a better position to understand and communicate with the audience. The third part of the book is called speaker and audience, and deals with impromptu talks. Dealing with subjects like how to begin conversations in a friendly manner and arrange ideas in a sequential manner helps the reader master the craft of impromptu and unprepared speech. The book also deals with the general art of communication and overcoming barriers like lack of confidence and avoiding imitation. The art of communicating and the challenges of effective speaking form the final part of the book. The Quick And Easy Way To Effective Speaking is aimed at building the confidence, courage and enthusiasm of readers so that they can communicate in an efficient and clear manner. A step-by-step guide, the book is ideal for those who wish to master effective communication skills. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780671724009
    Publisher Simon & Schuster
    Imprint Pocket Books
    Number of Pages 224
    Publication Date 29102001
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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