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    Book Summary

    In The First Spring: The Golden Age of India the author explores the history of classical India.

    The history of ancient India is very complex and is thickly encrusted with myths which makes it very difficult for historians and people in general to separate the facts from myths. In the First Spring, the author provides deep insight into the history of ancient Indian civilization. The author writes about India when it was a prosperous and a creative civilization and made some extraordinary contributions in the fields of art and culture. The book covers every aspect of the Indian civilization from its golden age to its evitable downfall. This book offers rare and detailed insight into the golden period of ancient India. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780670084784
    Publisher Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd
    Imprint Viking (India)
    Number of Pages 936
    Publication Date 16072011
    Language English
    Binding --Select--

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