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Guinness World Records 2002

-By Antonia Cunningham
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    Book Summary

    The one and only indispensable and undisputed source for the most incredible records ever documented?completely revised and updated for 2002! Whether it?s the tallest hairdo or the world?s most expensive perfume, the largest gnome collection or the smallest jigsaw puzzle, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS is the most complete and authoritative guide to every record, statistic, and feat of human endeavor imaginable?and unimaginable?complete with the photos to back them up! Simply unbelievable...but absolutely true: ? A man in Georgia holds the WORLD RECORD for lifting 105 pounds?with his ears! ? A team of Cornell scientists holds the WORLD RECORD for making the smallest guitar?it is the size of a human blood cell and can actually be played! ? The WORLD RECORD for the largest group hug was set when 899 bankers embraced in New York City! ? Elvis Presley holds the WORLD RECORD for richest dead celebrity, earning $35 million in 2000?more than two decades after his death! Crammed with amazing facts, feats, and records, including hundreds of new heights of human achievement, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2002 is bigger and even better than ever. Whether in the world of science, sports, nature, business, politics, entertainment, or everyday life, if someone has dared it, done it, and documented it, you?ll find it here. read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780553583786
    Publisher Bantam Books
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