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    Book Summary

    The Design of Everyday Things is a bestselling book by cognitive scientist and usability engineer Donald Norman. This book serves as a powerful manual on how and why some products satisfy the needs of the customer, whereas the others mostly frustrates them.

    In The Design of Everyday Things, the author writes about how design serves as a mode of communication between object and user. The author also provides ways of improving this communication to make the experience of using the object pleasurable. This book was published in 1988 and was initially titled The Psychology of Everyday Things. But later the author and his friends felt that the present title of the book conveyed the content of the book better. One of the major highlights of the book is that although people most often blame themselves when objects malfunction, it is not the fault of the customer but a lack of intuitive guidance which is lacking in the design. The book is packed with case studies which describe the psychology of good and bad designs along with several design principles by the author. This book will make for an interesting read for people from a wide range of disciplines including behavioral psychology, ergonomics, and design practice. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780465055715
    Publisher The Perseus Books Group
    Imprint Basic Books
    Number of Pages
    Publication Date 06032014
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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