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    Book Summary

    The Virtue of Selfishness is a book on Ethics and Moral Philosophy by Ayn Rand. It puts across the opinion of the author about serious issues related to ethics, government rule, and many others.

    This is basically a collection of essays and papers by Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden. This book is a reflection of the objectivist philosophy that the author believed in. The book talks about, among other things, recognition and acceptance of egoism as a sensible code of ethics. It also gives a view about the demolition of unselfish concern for others. Later on, it discusses about the characteristics of an acceptable government. The author was involved in a misunderstanding with the publisher of the book regarding the matter of the story. But she was adamant and as a result, went for a new publisher and published it. Most of the matter put forth in this book initially got printed in the objectivist newsletter. Only the information related to The Objectivist Ethics was not involved in it. Instead, it was a paper delivered by the author at the University of Wisconsin during a conference. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780451163936
    Publisher Penguin Putnam Inc
    Imprint Dutton / Signet
    Number of Pages 144
    Publication Date 30071992
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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