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Daughter of the Stars

-By Phyllis A. Whitney
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    Book Summary

    \"Were they all lying? Misleading me for their own purposes?...\" Lacey Elliot has been a woman without a past since the day her mother whisked her off to Charlottesville, refusing for thirty years to speak of her father, her family, or her history. But when Lacey intercepts a desperate letter from an aunt in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, Lacey sees her chance to confront the past that has terrified her mother and to fill in the gaps in her own life. Against the charm and colorful, turbulent history of the picturesque town, the violent history of Lacey\'s heritage is about to repeat itself. As she finds herself drawn to a man intrigued by the town for reasons of his own, old ghosts reappear and danger returns--as a killer walks among them once more.... \"Evocative, moving, suspenseful--another surefire winner from the writer who taught all of us how it should be done.\" --BARBARA MICHAELS PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY IS A WINNER OF THE GRAND MASTER AWARD FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT FROM THE MYSTERY WRITERS OF AMERICA read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780449223444
    Publisher Ivy Books
    Number of Pages
    Publication Date
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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