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Jury Double-P460996/9B

-By Edward Stewart
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    Book Summary

    Vince Cardozo is a New York cop who\'s seen too much and can\'t forget enough. Now this prince of the city has walked into a case that challenges everything he\'s ever believed about law and order. Corey Lyle is a cult leader tied to a bloody bombing and the murder of a prominent Manhattan couple. But as a woman prosecutor and a flamboyant defense attorney duel in court over Lyle\'s fate, a time bomb is ticking away: one juror is not the person she claims to be. Anne Bingham entered into the deception as a simple favor to her twin sister. Suddenly she\'s at the center of a storm of murder and kidnapping that could blow the Corey Lyle trial out of the water--and take away everything she holds dear.... Master storyteller Edward Stewart unleashes his most powerful novel yet--a blistering tale of deception, passion, and crime and punishment on both sides of the law. read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780440222781
    Publisher Random House Publishing Group
    Number of Pages
    Publication Date
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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