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    For years, Jack Higgin's "battalions of loyal fans" (people) have thrilled to his "rip-roaring" (Associated Press) novels of honor, bravery, and power. Now, the master of intrigue and suspense reunites the unforgettable team of his smash bestseller 'The President's Daughter' to go after a unique and mysterious killer... One by one, members of the secret IRA splinter group known as the Sons of Erin are being murdered. The consequences are greater than anyone realizers. For in these actions lies the destruction of two governments-and the fall of the Irish peace process. Former IRA terrorist Sean Dillon and U.S. presidential aide Blake Johnson have been recruited to stop this unknown assassin whose motive-and identity- is unfathomable. Quickly, quietly, before all hell breaks loose. But they are already too late. For in the Manhattan night, a silver-haired woman is smiling. She pulls a gun from her purse, and steps into the darkness. Four down, she thinks. Only three to go... read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780425175866
    Publisher Storage
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    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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