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Family Breakup

-By Matt Whyman
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    Book Summary

    Feel like your world's crashing down around you? This work deals with issues of family breaking-up.

    Wise Guides: Family Break-up tackles life before, during and after divorce. Full of advice on how to deal with parental arguments, and how to cope with the idea of separation and the absence of a parent. This book provides practical information and advice on how to deal with the realities of divorce, helping young people survive when everything else feels like it's falling apart. Wise Guides: helping you deal with whatever life throws at you. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780340883945
    Publisher Hachette Children's Books
    Imprint Hodder Children's Books
    Number of Pages 160
    Publication Date 13012005
    Binding Paperback

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