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Permanent Rose

-By Hilary McKay
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    Book Summary

    Following the ups and downs of the chaotic Casson family, this third book features Indigo, whose best friend, Tom, has gone back to America. Permanent Rose, her friend can't understand why he isn't getting in touch. Her family seem to have given up on him, but she knows that where there's a will there's way - especially her will.

    It's a long hot summer - to "Permanent Rose" it seems never ending. Rose misses Tom, Indigo's friend who went back to America. New friend David is not a good enough replacement. Caddy's fiancee, Michael, tries to cheer her up by delivering a rose every day, but that just provides temporary relief. What with Daddy leaving her mother Eve for younger model Samantha, Caddy getting cold feet and adoptive sister Saffron deciding to find her real father, no one seems to have time to come to Rose's rescue. But Rose is determined, and in her heart of hearts is sure she will find Tom again - but what else will she find on the way? read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780340882436
    Publisher Hachette Children's Books
    Imprint Hodder Children's Books
    Number of Pages 224
    Publication Date 16022006
    Binding Paperback

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