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    Book Summary

    The No 1. Bestseller continues his forceful account of life inside the British penal system.

    On 9th August 2001, twenty-two days after Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to four years in prison for perjury, he was transferred from HMP Belmarsh, a double-A Category high-security prison in south London, to HMP Wayland, a Category C establishment in Norfolk. He served sixty-seven days in Wayland and during that time, as this account testifies, encountered not only the daily degradations of a dangerously over-stretched prison service, but the spirit and courage of his fellow inmates...Praise for "Prison Diary 1 - Belmarsh: Hell": 'The finest thing that Jeffrey Archer has ever written' - "Independent on Sunday". 'Compelling reportage ...Jeffrey Archer raises these diaries to the standards of a prison Pepys by being such an assiduous recorder of fellow inmates' secrets' - Jonathan Aitken, "Mail on Sunday". read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780330418843
    Publisher Pan Macmillan
    Imprint Pan Books
    Number of Pages 624
    Publication Date 02072004
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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