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    Book Summary

    THE indispensible reference guide for every collector of antique furniture.

    This unique quide from the co-author of the Little, Brown Illustrated Encyclopedia of Antiques will be a required reference book for every collector of antique furniture, from beginner to expert. Featuring over 200 representative chairs, tables, sideboards, desks, cupboards, mirrors and other collectables with both large and close-up photographs, KNOW YOUR ANTIQUES provides a wealth of information on each piece's provenance and distinctive features. With notable variants pictured alongside the principal pieces, as well as illustrated charts of fixtures and other details, this all-inclusive sourcebook enables collectors to appreciate the fine points of period style and assess a potential purchase with confidence. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780316879965
    Publisher Little, Brown & Company
    Imprint Little, Brown & Company
    Number of Pages 160
    Publication Date 03101996
    Binding Hardback

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