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Female Intelligence

-By Jane Heller
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    Book Summary

    Lynn Wyman has a wildly successful practice in sensitivity training, teaching men how to communicate better with the women in their lives. Little does she know that her sensitive husband has been \"communicating\" with another woman-in the bedroom...With a marriage on the rocks and a career in nose-dive, Lynn is in desperate need of a life make-over. She finds it in Brandon Brock, the macho CEO on the cover of Fortune magazine\'s America\'s Toughest Bosses issue. To restore her reputation, all she has to do is snag the notorious chauvinist as her new client, take a cue from \"My Fair Lady,\" and turn this pig into her own Pygmalion...The perfect plan? Not so fast. Somebody has been out to sabotage Lynn\'s happiness, and before she can reclaim her career-and her heart-she\'d better figure out who...AUTHORBIO: JANE HELLER promoted dozens of bestselling authors before becoming one herself. FEMALE INTELLIGENCE is her eighth novel. read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780312979881
    Publisher St. Martin\'s Paperbacks
    Number of Pages
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    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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