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The Garden at Highgrove

-By Prince of Wales Charles
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    Book Summary

    How the Prince of Wales has transformed the grounds of Highgrove into one of Britain's most remarkable gardens.

    When The Prince of Wales bought Highgrove House in 1981 the surroundings consisted of a brown path which ran around the house, a lawn and a few thorn bushes. Twenty years later, he has transformed the land adjoining the house into several exquisite gardens which embody his gardening ideals and organic principles. With help from some of Britain s finest designers, including The Marchioness of Salisbury, Rosemary Verey, Miriam Rothschild and Sir Roy Strong, the Prince of Wales has created highly individual gardens which have now, with his own ideas, reached maturity. The Prince of Wales describes the thinking behind each garden, the mistakes and the triumphs, and his plans for the future. Lavishly illustrated with photographs which capture both the scope and detail of each garden, this is a book which will delight and inspire both gardeners and horticulturalists at every level. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780297843344
    Publisher Orion Publishing Co
    Imprint Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrated
    Number of Pages 256
    Publication Date 12082003
    Binding Hardback

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