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    Book Summary

    This collection of photographs of English and Welsh megalithic sites is accompanied by text by which describes the legends surrounding each megalith site, highlighting the folklore tradition, then addressing the mathematical and astronomical significance of the major sites such as Stonehenge.

    David Corio has systematically photographed the megalithic sites of England and Wales with the eye of a great landscape photographer as well as with the passion of an explorer in the ruins of an ancient culture. These photographs go to the heart of prehistoric England and reveal a profound sense of 'place'. The sites are revealed with all the beauty that invited Romantic speculation from the seventeenth century onwards as well as the encroaching modern world of distant urban skylines and protective barriers. Lai Ngan's text distils the mythical narratives that arose around these extraordinary structures and places as well as pointing to the recent astronomical and mathematical research which suggests their remarkable function in the prehistoric calendar. The photographs point to the beginning of architecture itself in Britain, with the suggestion of both sacred and secular function, layered in the fabulous tales of popular imagination. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780224064644
    Publisher Vintage
    Imprint Jonathan Cape Ltd
    Number of Pages 176
    Publication Date 11092003
    Binding Hardback

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