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    Book Summary

    The Himalayan regions of Spiti and Lahoul have wild and beautiful mountainscapes. This account focuses on the unusual topography and geography of these rugged valleys, and the lifestyle of their inhabitants.

    The Himalayan regions of Spiti and Lahoul, like Ladakh further north, hold some of the most wild and fantastically beautiful mountainscapes. In the most comprehensive exploration of the area available, G.D. Khosla offers a highly evocative and sympathetic account of his journey over the rugged terrain and of his encounters with the Himalayan people. Khosla focuses on the unusual and exciting topography and geography of these breathtaking valleys, as well as on the religion, physiognomy, attire, and customs of the isolated inhabitants. With great facility and elegance, he describes the culture and economy of these once remote but now increasingly accessible Himalayn districts. Khosla clearly reveals his passion for the mountains through his keen eye for the arresting and the bizarre. As he journeys over high passes such as Rohtang, Kunzum, and Barahlacha, and along rivers such as the Beas, Spiti, Chandra, and Bhaga, he vividly recreates the land's abundance of barren splendor, changing colors, and rich depth. Himalayan Circuit will serve as the ideal companion for both the Himalayan traveler and the general reader who prefers the vicarious pleasure obtained by imagining the wonders of high-altitude travel. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780195624182
    Publisher OUP India
    Imprint OUP India
    Number of Pages 244
    Publication Date 01041990
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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