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The Power of Positive Thinking

-By Norman Vincent Peale
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    Book Summary

    The Power Of Positive Thinking is a practical self-improvement manual that aims at helping the reader achieve a happy, worthwhile and satisfying life. It suggests techniques and cites examples to help the reader in doing so.

    The Power Of Positive Thinking is written on the basis of the author's concern for the struggle, pain and difficulty of human existence. It equips the reader with the tools and techniques required for them to cultivate peace of mind, which in turn leads to a constructive way of living both personally and socially. It teaches the readers the art of thinking positively, which would help them in overcoming failure and accomplishing the many goals set by them in life. The techniques suggested by the author in The Power Of Positive Thinking are aimed at assuring the readers to not get defeated by anything in their lives. They are also targeted at helping them attain improved health, peace of mind and an abundant flow of energy. The author claims that he is witness to a number of people who have put the simple procedures listed in the book to use in their lives and have benefitted tremendously due to those steps. He further goes on to say that obstacles in one's life can come in the way of a person's well-being and happiness, only if they are willing to let that happen. The book promises to teach the reader how to avoid this. The purpose of The Power Of Positive Thinking is a straightforward one, to help its reader achieve a victorious life. The book is organized in a very simple, logical and easy to understand manner, and presents to the readers a practical method that would help them lead the kind of life they desire. The techniques listed in the book can be used by the reader to makes changes to the circumstances they currently live in, that would eventually lead to improved relations with other people and becoming well-liked by others. Mastering the principles outlined in the book can help the reader in discovering a new sense of well-being and improving their overall health. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780091906382
    Publisher Ebury Press
    Imprint Vermilion
    Number of Pages 320
    Publication Date 01102004
    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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