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    Book Summary

    This volume presents 15 stylish, accessible designs, from baby blankets and bootees to simple cardigans and sweaters. It contains the key knitting stitches, basic instructions, from how to cast on, to getting the tension and shaping right, and is accompanied by detailed colour instructions.

    'Knitting has replaced networking as the hippest after-hours occupation.' So says Vogue. Everyone from Julia Roberts to Russell Crowe has been spotted with knitting needles in their hands - knitting has never been trendier. Many new knitters come to the craft when they find themselves wanting to knit something for a new baby, so this is the perfect handbook. It's packed with basic instructions, from how to cast on and get the tension right to simple shaping and the key knitting stitches -all accompanied by detailed colour illustrations. Fifteen stylish, accessible knitting patterns, from designs for baby blankets and bootees to simple cardigans and sweaters, then allow you to put your new crafting skills into practice. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780091889135
    Publisher Ebury Press
    Imprint Ebury Press
    Number of Pages 144
    Publication Date 02102003
    Binding Paperback

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