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Postern of Fate

-By Agatha Christie
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    Book Summary

    Tommy and Tuppence Beresford have aged, their best days seem far behind them. However, the fight is still in them as they take on a mind-boggling case, one that involves their own house. Who is the mysterious Mary Jordan, and why did someone leave behind a cryptic message in an old book about her unnatural death? Can these septuagenarians solve this case, or have their grey cells begun to fail them?

    Tommy and Tuppence Beresford have just become the proud owners of an old house in an English village. Along with the property, they have inherited some worthless bric-a-brac, including a collection of antique books. While rustling through a copy of The Black Arrow, Tuppence comes upon a series of apparently random underlinings.However, when she writes down the letters, they spell out a very disturbing message:M a r y – J o r d a n – d i d – n o t – d i e – n a t u r a l l y… read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780007293315
    Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
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    Language English
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