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Murder is Easy

-By Agatha Christie
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    Book Summary

    People seem to be dying in Wychwood-under-Ashe. There is a poisoning, a fall from a ladder, a drowning, a car accident. Each by itself seems innocuous enough, but Luke Fitzwilliam, a retired police officer, thinks something more devious is behind these apparent accidents. A novel written during Christie?

    When Luke Fitzwilliam encounters a timid old lady on a train travelling to Scotland Yard, the retired policeman makes light conversation. What he discovers is that she is travelling to report a series of murders, and she believes that there will be more. She even names the next victim, Dr. John Humbleby. He takes her for a delusional old woman and ignores her. However, days later, he finds an obituary which confirms her prediction. He travels to the village and melds in with the crowd to try and find the murderer. What he discovers is that in this idyllic village, the murderer can be anyone, and he can trust no one. Can Luke solve the murders in time, or will there be more victims to one mad man's lunacy? read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780007282388
    Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
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    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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