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-By Isaac Asimov
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    Book Summary

    On Trantor, the capital of the twelve thousand year old Galactic Empire, Hari Seldon, a mathematician and psychologist, has developed psychohistory, a new field of science and psychology. The Empire is slowly decaying, almost reminiscent of the Western Roman Empire. Seldon’s mathematics proves that the empire stands on the brink of destruction, and this angers the aristocratic members of the Committee of Public Safety. The events that follow set off a chain reaction which changes the Empire forever. Seldon gathers the brightest minds in the empire to save it, forming a sanctuary Foundation. In their hands rests the fate of the Empire, and civilization itself.

    The first volume in Isaac Asimov's world-famous saga, winner of the Hugo Award for Best All-Time Novel Series. Long after Earth was forgotten, a peaceful and unified galaxy took shape, an Empire governed from the majestic city planet of Trantor. The system worked, and grew, for countless generations. Everyone except Hari Seldon. As the great scientific thinker of his age, Seldon could not be ignored. Reluctantly, the Commission of Public Safety agreed to finance the Seldon Plan. The coming disaster was predicted by Seldon's advances in psychohistory, the mathematics of very large human numbers, and it could not be averted. The Empire was doomed. Soon Trantor would lie in ruins. Chaos would overtake humanity. But the Seldon plan was a long-term strategy to minimize the worst of what was to come. Two Foundations were set up at opposite ends of the galaxy. Of the Second nothing can be told. It guards the secrets of psychohistory. FOUNDATION is the story of the First Foundation, on the remote planet of Terminus, from which those secrets were withheld. The epic story of the Foundation is one of the great classics of science fiction. For fifty years the innovative genius of Isaac Asimov has surged ahead of real time. He is the Grand Master of the genre. read less...

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    ISBN-13 9780007270422
    Publisher Harpercollins
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    Language English
    Binding Paperback

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