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    Book Summary

    Part of the "Collins International" range, this dictionary is aimed at beginners of all ages. It presents vocabulary in French and English, examples to show how to use the translations, and essential set expressions. It offers help in using the dictionary, useful grammar pages, a section on expressing in French, and activities and games.

    A new addition to the "Collins International" range, the "Easy Learning French Dictionary", is the ideal text for beginners of all ages. The first edition of the "Collins International Easy Learning French Dictionary" provides beginners of French with the easiest way to learn the language. Its features include full coverage of core vocabulary in both French and English, thousands of examples to show how to use the translations and all essential set expressions. The layout is clear and exceptionally user-friendly, with a new line for each translation so there is never any confusion. The dictionary also offers extra help in the form of a guide to using the dictionary, useful grammar pages, a section on expressing yourself in French, and activities and games for developing dictionary skills. It also lists all the most common and most dangerous "false friends" to help prevent very common mistakes beginners make when speaking French. Easy to read, easy to use, and easy to understand, the new edition of the "Easy Learning French Dictionary" is the ideal choice for beginners of any age. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780007232659
    Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
    Imprint Collins
    Number of Pages 640
    Publication Date 03042006
    Binding Paperback

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