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    Book Summary

    A new addition to the acclaimed Collins French Dictionary range.

    This is a new addition to the acclaimed "Collins French Dictionary" range. With its extensive coverage of French language in a compact, affordable format, the "Collins French Dictionary" is an indispensable dictionary for learners of French. Fully up-to-date, with over 35,000 references and 70,000 translations, it includes all the most recent additions to the language. With clear and attractive layout and typography, featuring special entries relating to interesting aspects of French life and culture, notes warning the user of easily confusable words, the "Collins French Dictionary" is compact, reliable and completely up-to-date: the ideal small dictionary for school and general use. read less...

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    Book Details
    ISBN-13 9780007232635
    Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
    Imprint Collins
    Number of Pages 448
    Publication Date 03042006
    Binding Paperback

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