The value of knowledge reaches it's potential when shared with others.

IndiaReads Knowledge Sharing Platform, allows people of an organization to create, share, consume and store their knowledge or information in a more secure and intra-connected network.

An easy solution to expand and organize knowledge

3 C's of Knowledge Sharing

Create, curate and consume content. Be a self-publisher by sharing your knowledge with your colleagues in the form of articles, videos, courses, e-books, podcasts etc.

Knowledge Sharing

Share your knowledge, know-how, experiences, problems etc. Save time and energy of your colleagues by sharing the solution to the problems you had encountered and vice-versa.

Chat and Group Chat

Dedicated and encrypted peer to peer and group chat platform along with unlimited file sharing and storage to make collaborative working easier and fun.

Content Storage

Cloud-based unlimited content storage with access to the private and central repository to keep everyone connected and updated.

Books Library

We all love the touch of a book. Hence, we offer a wide category of physical books, which one can read and return as per their convenience and ease.

PR Broadcasting

Connect to the outside world by our broadcasting tools. Keep the public updated to your organizational success, product launch, news, job openings etc.

Your old corporate library with a new collection

1.5 Lac+ titles across 45+ categories


Smart tools to create content

AI-powered smart search engine

Curated and premium content

Guest account

Complete admin control

Encrypted and secure communication

Unlimited content sharing and hosting

Personal and central content repository

1.2 Lac+ titles across 45+ categories

PAN India free delivery and pickup

Competency and leadership board for recognition and boosting moral

Organizations that love us